Arrested Development Game Changer

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Wired Magazine had a great interview with Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of Arrested Development, on  the future of Televison, and how distributing the show through Netflix allowed him to do things that he never previously would have been able to pull-off on network TV.

Hurwitz believes the new format of streaming digital media could dramatically change the way

that shows get made, and that he hopes people put limits on their binge watching to prevent fatigue.

“I think of it more like writing a mini-series than something [for] binge watching… I think that people do sit down and watch it all at once. Personally, I think [that] will be very fatiguing and will lose some of the fun of being able to mull on it. But I think that with the majority of binge watchers, it’s a modified binge watching, just like the majority of novel readers. You know, you don’t read it all at once. But you are in control of when you feel like going back to it… I personally hope people don’t sit and watch it for, you know, 500 minutes or longer.”

The full interview can be found on There is a related article on the Pirating of Arrested Development and Binge Viewing.


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