ASMR – Intensely Pleasurable Relaxation

Do you experience ASMR?  Science has yet to prove the existence of ASMR, but many people experience a profound relaxation through this phenomena. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and typically involves certain themes in its ability to produce trance-like relaxation in the lucky few who experience it. Typical stimuli are as follows:

  • Soft, soothing voices
  • Whispering very close to a microphone, or your ear
  • Even, measured speaking tones
  • Foreign accents
  • Mouth noises like lip smacking
  • Close personal attention, like haircuts, makeovers or doctor’s examinations
  • Handiwork and expertise
  • Tapping sounds
  • Rustling or soft crinkling sounds
  • Gentle handling of precious items
  • White noise

Here is a sample video to test whether or not you are capable of experiencing ASMR.


Read more as Loz Blain of Gizmag describes ASMR in greater detail.


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