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Samsung 3D TV Release

Samsung announced its new OLED 3D TV this past Thursday at a conference in Seoul, South Korea.  It is unlike any other TV anywhere, as its screen is curved inwards.

Perhaps the revolutionary technology will spark a new 3D viewing fad among TV consumers that have all but lost interest in the third dimension.  However, Samsung will have to work down the price before that happens, as buying the TV will put you in a US$13,000 (S$16,500) hole.

Also working against Samsung is waning support for 3D viewing on the side of the providers.  ESPN dropped its 3D channel just recently, and FIFA is considering that televising the 2014 World Cup in 3D won’t be worth the costs of doing so.

Don’t look for Samsung’s new TV to be in every household in a couple years’ time, but expect it to re-spark at least a little of the waning interest in 3D viewing – if only for a short while.

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Consumer Interest in 3D TV Waning

3d glasses

Three-dimensional home viewing used to be the must-have feature on a new television set.  No longer was simple high-definition enough – you had to have the extra dimension.

Now, having bedazzled the general public in recent years, 3D TV seems to have lost its lustre and is rapidly descending into the depths of a “one-hit wonder” technology fad.

In an interview with TrustedReviews, John Lewis spokesperson John Kempner provides the primary reason for 3D TV’s fallout:

“As an experience I think people maybe enjoy it at the cinema, but in the home it’s not quite such a wonderful experience because of the requirement to wear glasses…Wearing 3D glasses in the home was always going to be a reason customers didn’t move to 3D.”

Kempner goes on to stress that interest in 3D is not completely lost, and that his company still sells a lot of 3D TVs.  However, consumers are now more interested in the benefits of Smart TV and view 3D as sort of an added bonus rather than the desired feature.

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