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Congratulations to Ilo Ilo

best-new-director-iloiloSurprise! Singapore’s Ilo Ilo by first time director Anthony Chen, has just won Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award for best Chinese Language Film. According to Variety, “Ilo Ilo,” about a Filipino maid’s awkward relationship with her employers during the Asiam Financial Crisis, was named best film, and earned Chen best script and best new director awards, while Yeo Yann Yann was named best supporting actress.

Here is the official trailer:

Paradigm Shift In Hollywood Movies

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are predicting a major implosion of paradigm shift proportions in the Hollywood Motion Picture industry, saying it’s all moving towards the living room via Video On Demand. Soon, going to the theater to watch a motion picture will be as exclusive, and as expensive, as going to see a Broadway play.

At the center of their prediction is the notion that there just isn’t enough time in the day for consumers to support all of the films being released in theaters. Perhaps more accurately, people have their own unique schedules, and are increasingly less willing to adapt their schedules to make time for motion picture entertainment.

Consumers want to watch what they want, where they way, whenever they want. Once consumers experience what it’s like to take back control over scheduling their personalized entertainment, it’s hard to get them back into the theater.