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MyRepublic Offers Worlds Fastest Fibre Broadband

my-republicMyRepublic is now offering 1GBPS broadband internet for under S$50. Yes, correct, that’s “G”, as in Gigabit. This is a company that listens to their customers needs. However, this offer is only available to the first 10,000 sign-ups, the price for late comers is not yet determined.

They also have a lot of offers for switching customers over to this new 1Gbps plan, here is the list of these special offers and pricings:

MyRepublic is also having a special Mega Launch Event at Ngee Ann City this weekend, 18th and 19th January, to promote these new 1g plans. According to the NgeeAnnCity website:

Join us as we excite you with a peek at the future of fibre broadband! Be amazed by MyRepublic’s futuristic home where you will experience a real digital lifestyle. In this fully integrated connected home set up, you will explore the home of the future and learn what MyRepublic’s fibre broadband can do for you and your home.

Gamers, jump into the gaming world with MyRepublic and partners like ASUS and iYogi at MyRepublic’s Mega Launch event! Join the gaming competition happening at Orchard and emerge as the Ultimate Gamer! Conquer others in Dragon Nest and take home attractive prizes like an ASUS desktop and gaming gear.

Come meet and greet with top Mediacorp’s starlets as they grace the event! Take pictures and play games with Mediacorp starlets like Benjamin Heng etc. in MyRepublic’s Mega Launch event!

Come join us at MyRepublic’s event and indulge in games, food and drinks and have a day of fun on us!

Congratulations to MyRepublic for setting a new milestone.

Are You Next Gen NBN Ready?

What the heck is NBN? In Singapore, it stands for Nationwide Broadband Network. It is essentially, Singapore’s all fibre optic, ultra highspeed broadband network, which is capable of delivering data at speeds of 1Gbps or more to all residential and commercial buildings in Singapore.opennet-ngn
What is the purpose? According to the MDA:

You may have encountered long waiting times when downloading files, or jerky videos when watching movies online or even poor responsiveness when playing online games. Files are also getting larger as the need for more information or higher video resolutions increases rapidly over time. Low speed internet gives you a poor online experience and limits what you can do. In Singapore today, our home broadband network supports connection speeds up to 100Mbps. Although it is sufficient for some, it may not be adequate for many in the future as our need for speed grows.

So who do you contact to get FibreOptic Internet? You need to contact an RSP, Retail Service Provider; they are: M1, MyRepublic, SingTel, StarHub, SuperInternet, and ViewQwest.

How do you know if your residence or commercial office building is equipped with Next Gen NBN? Simply visit the OpenNet website, and enter your address.

MyRepublic Launches Beta OTT Product

MyRepublic-TeleportSingapore internet provider MyRepublic, whose fibre broadband network is turning lots of heads, released their Teleport service for beta testing in April.  Teleport’s main purpose is to allow users to circumvent geographically restricted content, such as that from Netflix or Hulu, by “teleporting” their internet connections so that they seem to be coming from somewhere else (like the US).  Although other services such as StrongVPN do the same thing, Teleport uses MyRepublic’s fibre broadband, which the company assures provides a faster connection than other networks such as SingTel or StarHub.

Vanessa Tan writes that MyRepublic is making Teleport as user friendly as possible:

“The company also hopes to make setup of…Teleport easy for customers. It is not required of users to have additional home networking configurations or technical knowledge, as the activation of the add-on services will be configured on MyRepublic’s end.”

MyRepublic offered its beta product trial free to the first 1,000 customers to register.  After the trial period is over, however, the service will cost what most will view as a worthwhile SG$5.  For users to access paid video services, though, the services’ subscription fees will be a separate and additional expenditure.

Full article at TechinAsia