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Live TV for Xbox 360

Xbox360TVAmid the aftermath of the announcement of its new gaming console, Xbox One, Microsoft has not discounted the importance of the Xbox 360.  The company recently struck a deal with US cable provider Time Warner Cable (TWC) that allows Xbox Live Gold to members stream over 300 channels of live TV to their consoles, following similar agreements with Verizon FiOs and Xfinity TV.  The channels would be available only to users with a cable subscription and is set to launch later this summer.

The deal would add to Xbox Live’s plethora of 47 video apps, which blows Play Station Network’s collection of 15 clear out of the water.  Although the two share several video streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu Plus, Xbox clearly wins the battle with its selection alone.  This new agreement with TWC only serves to bolster Xbox Live’s superiority.

Tom Cheredar thinks that the deal could indicate a partnership with the cable provider on the Xbox One:

“…there is some speculation that this Xbox 360/TWC deal is a precursor to a bigger partnership that would allow people to get an Xbox One at a lower price by paying a subscription fee through a cable/Internet service provider. Right now the Xbox One retails for $499, but with subsidies that price could be much lower.”

Sony is set to release its new Play Station 4 around the same time as the Xbox One (both were announced in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles), and although gaming is still the main focus, much will also be riding on the effectiveness of each console’s video capabilities.

Full article at VentureBeat

Iflixtv Partners With YouTube

iflixtvAtlanta based Iflixtv is a streaming media company that focuses on classic and independent films. They have just inked a partnership deal with YouTube for an undisclosed amount. The new digital media company is expected to deliver their original content via their YouTube Partner channel early 4th Quarter 2013.

“YouTube and iflixtv was always in the works it was just a matter of time. We needed to be able to provide original content consistently to the channel while maintaining our original programming on our own applications”.