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CASBAA Adds 7 New Members

CasbaaThe Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA), the lobbying body for multichannel TV across the Asia-Pacific region, has added 7 corporate members, bringing the total membership to 130.  These new additions, including companies headquartered in places like Mexico (Grupo Televisa) and Germany (SmartCast), illustrate just how widespread and diverse the TV industry has become.  Also among the new additions was SpaceX, a California-based company that develops and launches rockets and is currently executing a US$1.6B (S$2B) contract with NASA.

The new member corporations will only add to CASBAA’s claim of over 445 million connections within the TV industry.  Every connection serves to raise the already high influence the association has throughout Asia, which CASBAA has been striving to do ever since its inception in 1991:

“… within a footprint spanning China to Australia and Japan to Pakistan, CASBAA works to be the authoritative voice for multichannel TV promoting even handed and market friendly regulation, IP protection and revenue growth for subscriptions and advertising.”

CASBAA also bolstered its Asia-based membership with Hong Kong law firm Haldanes, information services provider Media Partners Asia (MPA), and online Software as a Service (SaaS) platform Movideo (the largest of its kind in Asia).

With older members such as Sony Pictures, Disney and BBC (to name a few), CASBAA has already established itself within the content production community.  Its new members, however, represent the association’s ongoing desire to have lobbying power from every facet of the broadcasting community.

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Belgian Entrepreneur Max Heilbron describes bhaalu’s partnership with Belgian entrepreneur Max Heilbron. This is an English translation of the original article, which was written in Flemish.bhaalu-sluit-partnership-met-telecomondernemer-max-heilbron

Bhaalu, the new TV viewing experience from Flemish start-up Right Brain Interface, has partnered with telecom entrepreneur Max Heilbron, who recently acquired several Photo Hall stores in Belgium. Bhaalu allows the viewer to choose when and where they watch television, even programs from up to 60 days in the past.

Consumers can now experience the unique TV viewing device first-hand, as Photo Hall stores in Ghent and Leuven, Belgium allow customers to test out the product in-store.

Cooperation with Max Heilbron for 4G LTE

The synergy between telecom entrepreneur Heilbron and bhaalu is clear.  Max holds a 4G LTE license through his company b • lite, and the strength of 4G LTE is its superior video streaming ability, which explains Heilbron’s partnership with bhaalu. Today, Photo Hall shops provide 3G and fixed line internet for TV, audio and other home devices.

Through bhaalu’s startup project in the Photo Hall stores in Ghent and Leuven, consumers will now be able to test the bhaalu viewing experience using a unique home-in-shop concept.

You can order the bhaalu box online at or pick it up at one of Photo Hall’s stores.

Telecom entrepreneur Max Heilbron: “I like to penetrate markets – that’s just what bhaalu does, and 4G LTE is our card to play. A free telecom market needs 4G LTE as well as bhaalu.”

Bart Van Coppenolle, CEO, Right Brain Interface: “Our partnership with Photo Hall allows people to test the bhaalu experience with our home-in-shop concept in Leuven and Ghent. We have revolutionised not only TV experience but also the retail distribution model.  People don’t just walk into the shop and pick up their box.  They come in and experience both the wonder of bhaalu TV and the personal service of Photo Hall.”

Home-in-shop experience concept coming soon to Singapore. Stay tuned!

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Right Brain Singapore at TechCrunch Meetup

It was a fantastic conclusion to a great event. MOA, Singapore’s finest New Zealand Bar and Grill, in Changi Business Park was the venue of the TechCrunch Singapore Meetup following Echelon 2013, the largest Tech Startup Conference in Singapore. Silicon Valley-based TechCrunch writer Josh Constine and Asia Pacific based writer Victoria Ho were available to meet with entrepreneurs and listen to startup pitches, over a drink or two.


Photo courtesy of Ryan Tan at Red Airship

Jeffrey Hock, Managing Director of Right Brain Interface Asia had the opportunity to meet up with Josh Constine, formerly of Facebook and current technology journalist at Techcrunch specializing in deep analysis of social products. Whom better than Josh to discuss bhaalu, a game-changing Social Television device.

Kudos to Techcrunch for a great afterhours meetup, and to Echelon for an overall successful event.