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Comcast Xfinity X2 Set-Top Box

comcast-x2Comcast is innovating. Their new software platform running on the Xfinity X2 next-generation set-top box has had over 1200 updates within the last 12 months. and their messaging is similar to that of Right Brain Interface; Fast, Smart, Easy, Personalized. According to Brian Roberts:

“As we look around the cloud/web ecosystem, the Winners are companies who can integrate across all devices, across all platforms, with a common interface, and they make it easy and fun to use.”

Here is a comprehensive video overview of Comcast new Xfinity X2:

2014 Trends in Online Video

tv-trendsPatrick Hurley of Skytide has put together a work-in-progress whitepaper about the trends in online video viewing that can be expected for 2014. In these trends, he lists #1. Social TV will take off. #3. Quality of experience (QoE) will trump all. We couldn’t agree more on both of these aspects, these indeed are two of the more predominately driving features of bhaalu. Here is the whitepaper:

Bhaalu Social CVR Launched in Belgium

Following is a condensed English language transcription. Here is the original story.

ig-bhaalu-iconA new social & mobile version of bhaalu, the Collaborative Video Recorder, sees daylight this morning, as it is officially released in Belgium. Bhaalu is a new and innovative consumer electronics product, called a Collaborative Video Recorder ( CVR ), which offers a relaxed and convenient television experience.

Bhaalu CVR allows you to easily recommend TV shows and engage in social discussions about television programs through Facebook and Twitter. Recordings are also made immediately available via bhaalu’s mobile application, so you can playback your TV recordings at anytime, from anywhere, on most mobile devices, such as a tablet or smart phone.

With the new social & mobile release of bhaalu, members can recommend programmes to friends and comment directly about those TV programmes, on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the bhaalu website has been completely revised, allowing the public to purchase a bhaalu device for watching TV on the big screen at home, which of course, also includes the social aspects.

The principle behind the bhaalu Collaborative Video Recorder ( CVR ), is that members of the community work together to build and maintain the cloud recordings, that is made possible through the technology created by Right Bain Interface, and the community’s membership fees.

Bhaalu members can easily collaborate and thus, engage in a better viewing experience for themselves and each other, and at a reasonable cost. By sharing in the costs of the cloud recording infrastructure, without sharing the private viewing screen, consumers can record and playback anything they legally are entitled to view by law ( provided those channels are already supported by the common bhaalu hardware ).

Note to editors:

Are you a journalist and would like to see a personal demonstration of bhaalu? If so, please just contact us to indicate your interest.

About Right Brain Interface and bhaalu:

Right Brain Interface develops and commercializes bhaalu, the world’s first Collaborative Video Recorder ( CVR ), giving viewers a next-generation television viewing platform. With bhaalu consumers transform their existing linear, scheduled, and on-demand TV experience into a real-time personalized Catch-All TV Everywhere experience.

The bhaalupersonal video recorder allows viewers to record their full TV schedule (if supported) and re-watch all their TV channels while on the go, where they have legitimate access. The intuitive user interface of bhaalu enables the discovery of programmes while offering viewers a relaxed, personal and social video universe where they can choose where and when to watch their recordings privately, whether on their big screen TV or a smaller second screen.

Bhaalu is currently being tested in a private community with approximately 1000 beta and commercial users in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, the U.S. and Singapore. This first users have already responded with excitement and enthusiasm, indicating the bhaalu viewing experience should not be missed.

In July 2013 Right Brain announced the successful placement of € 6 million capital to a broad group of investors from the Belgian civil society and business world. Right Brain also announced just last week that Jo Van Gorp, former CEO of Telenet, as COO.

The headquarters for Right Brain Interface nv is located at the Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium. Right Brain Interface also has regional offices in Germany , New York and Singapore.

Spectacular TV Coverage of Americas Cup

The company behind superimposing informative graphics onto live video feeds for the Americas Cup sailing regatta is called Sport Vision. The purpose of this technology is to make strategic aspects of a given sport easier to see and

The founder of Sport Vision, Stan Honey, provides a behind the scenes interview about their latest incarnation called AC Live Line, specifically designed for the Americas Cup.

Baidu TV+ Enters Smart TV Turf

A picture shows the logo of Baidu on itsBaidu, the Chinese search engine equivelant of Google, as recently announced that it launched it’s own Smart TV box in conjunction with TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd., in order to compete with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. in the growing online video business.

Baidu plans to merge iQiyi with online video provider PPS, which it purchased for about $370 million in May. The combination will create China’s largest online video provider, unseating Youku-Tudou, and giving TV+ an edge in terms of content. In addition to on-demand video, TV+ will also feature free access to movies and TV series.

Baidu’s stock rose a half of a percent, closing at $136.17 in U.S. trading as a result of this news release, and has climbed a total of 36 percent this year, compared with a 20 percent increase in the overall Nasdaq Composite Index.

Further reading at Techcrunch and Bloomberg.

LG’s Smart TV Interactivity

cognitive-logo-homeLG just announced that it will partner with Cognitive Networks to bring smart television interaction to LG’s 2012 and 2013 smart TVs, enabling advertisers and content owners to “enhance” shows and ads with interactive features.

Cognitive Networks uses automatic content recognition (ACR) to determine what viewers are watching and then to serve up dynamic and interactive ads and other content relevant to what is happening on the TV screen.

Right now Smart TVs do not know what content they are displaying. Right now Broadcasters do not know which TVs are displaying their content. Our core technology enables Smart TVs to become content aware. Our platform creates a network of Broadcasters that know which TVs are displaying their content. We are Cognitive Networks.

Cognitive Networks has also announced its Engage Enhanced TV platform, which partners will use to build interactive features. The platform enables viewers to see multimedia content during shows, participate in polls, and make purchases directly from the TV.

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