Demand TV Growth Driven by Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region is driving growth in on-demand TV. Based on the forecasts of 97 countries, on-demand TV revenues from movies and TV programs (excluding sports, adult, SVOD packages, online TV and OTT) will reach $6.0 billion in 2018, up by 44% from $4.2 billion in 2012.

On-demand TV generated just 2.3% of the $184 billion total pay TV revenues in 2012. However, the on-demand proportion will grow to 2.9% of the $203 billion total in 2018. Growth in on-demand TV revenues in some mature markets will not be enough to compensate for falling subscription revenues. The US accounted for 37% of global on-demand TV revenues in 2012, but this proportion will fall to 30% by 2018 – despite its revenues climbing by 16%.on-demand-tv-growth

View the full report on Demand TV Growth in the Asia Pacific region provided by Digital TV Research.




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