Golden Era Of Television Is Ending?

o-LAURA-PREPON-ORANGE-IS-THE-NEW-BLACK-facebookThere is an outstanding article written by Andy Greenwald, that really puts into perspective the cultural phenomena currently taking place with television.
Didn’t know there was such a movement taking place? Then you have to read this article, it’s extremely well written, and captures the essence of what has been the Golden Age of Television over the past 13 years, which Andy predicts is changing, and maybe coming to an end soon.

Here is his conclusion:

TV, in 2013, has entered uncharted territory. It has transcended its medium and been accepted as an art form all its own. TV now lives on our phones and our computers; we watch it on tablets and stream it through boxes. Never before has it commanded so much respect; at no time in its history has it been so breathlessly considered, so unabashedly embraced. There may be fewer and fewer things to love, but there have never been more shows worthy of our like. The sheer quantity of options can, on a busy Sunday night, mask the dwindling amount of quality.

Yet the Zombie Age is marked by a persistent, undeniable decay. Corpses are picked over. Ideas, once devoured, are regurgitated and feasted on again. A bold, forward-looking decade of risk-taking and reward has somehow left the industry in full-on retreat. There’s an undeniable security in sameness, but only within the pleathered confines of network executive suites is a strategy of not losing the same thing as winning. Everyone wants to believe that the next great era of television is just beginning. But it’s possible we came in at the end.


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