LG’s Smart TV Interactivity

cognitive-logo-homeLG just announced that it will partner with Cognitive Networks to bring smart television interaction to LG’s 2012 and 2013 smart TVs, enabling advertisers and content owners to “enhance” shows and ads with interactive features.

Cognitive Networks uses automatic content recognition (ACR) to determine what viewers are watching and then to serve up dynamic and interactive ads and other content relevant to what is happening on the TV screen.

Right now Smart TVs do not know what content they are displaying. Right now Broadcasters do not know which TVs are displaying their content. Our core technology enables Smart TVs to become content aware. Our platform creates a network of Broadcasters that know which TVs are displaying their content. We are Cognitive Networks.

Cognitive Networks has also announced its Engage Enhanced TV platform, which partners will use to build interactive features. The platform enables viewers to see multimedia content during shows, participate in polls, and make purchases directly from the TV.

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