Most Relaxing Television in the World


Bhaalu has been designed and built to be the most relaxing television platform in the world. Scientists have not yet tested or identified this as being so. However, according to TweakandTrick, scientists have declared an 8 minute long song by Marconi Union as being the most relaxing song of all time.

To test the effectiveness of this song, a study was conducted on 40 women who were connected to sensors and given challenging puzzles to solve in limited time to induce a level of stress. Scientists then played different songs and recorded their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and brain activity. Weightless was found to be 11 percent more effective at calming them than any other song even causing drowsiness among many women in the lab. The song resulted in a 65 percent reduction in overall anxiety and calmed them 35 percent more than their normal resting levels. The song was found to be more relaxing than a massage, walk or even a cup of tea.

Here is the song, try it out for yourself. But it is recommended not to listen to this while driving. Seriously.



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