MyRepublic Launches Beta OTT Product

MyRepublic-TeleportSingapore internet provider MyRepublic, whose fibre broadband network is turning lots of heads, released their Teleport service for beta testing in April.  Teleport’s main purpose is to allow users to circumvent geographically restricted content, such as that from Netflix or Hulu, by “teleporting” their internet connections so that they seem to be coming from somewhere else (like the US).  Although other services such as StrongVPN do the same thing, Teleport uses MyRepublic’s fibre broadband, which the company assures provides a faster connection than other networks such as SingTel or StarHub.

Vanessa Tan writes that MyRepublic is making Teleport as user friendly as possible:

“The company also hopes to make setup of…Teleport easy for customers. It is not required of users to have additional home networking configurations or technical knowledge, as the activation of the add-on services will be configured on MyRepublic’s end.”

MyRepublic offered its beta product trial free to the first 1,000 customers to register.  After the trial period is over, however, the service will cost what most will view as a worthwhile SG$5.  For users to access paid video services, though, the services’ subscription fees will be a separate and additional expenditure.

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