Social Television & Viewer Engagement

Tom Bowers of Content4Productions, a broadcaster viewer engagement and social TV firm, recently explained the importance of Social TV and viewer engagement in a succinct manner:

TV for many years has been used as a catalyst to bring people closer together, whether it be in the pub, at work or at home. It drives us to talk about it as it taps into 3 areas that make us interact as humans – Emotional response, shared experience and opinion.Social media due to its fabric allows us to share our thoughts and comments in real time and a large proportion of TV viewers are taking to these social platforms to do exactly that. Take twitter for example, they announced earlier this year that 60% of all Twitter users access the network whilst watching TV and 40% of all Twitter traffic around peak time is about TV (Secondsync 2012). Given there are more than 10 million active twitter users in the UK this provides a point of entry that the broadcast industry can vastly capitalise on.

Connect Four Productions offers broadcasters a layer of creative enhancement and production empathy to manage and deploy unique social and viewer engagement experiences that become synonymous with the broadcast brand. Content Four Productions specializes in mulit-platform viewer engagement, particularly in Social TV.

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