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Is Pay TV Worth the Money?


According to a recent survey conducted in the US by CouponCabin.com, 45% of people think paying for TV is a complete waste of their money.  Of the respondents, 11% said they’ve cut the cord on their subscriptions, and 8% said they never had one to begin with.

Not surprisingly, 43% of those who have chosen to keep their subscriptions say its solely because of sports, and 15% of subscribers said they would never consider cutting the cord.  Because of this demand, one can deduce that sports broadcasting rights account for a large portion of the ridiculous monthly bills people are willing to pay. 

Jim O’Neill says subscribers’ are willing to cut the cord if certain conditions present themselves:

“Of course, never say never… because, among current subscribers:

  • 56% said they’d cut the cord if there were other, less costly, alternatives.
  • 55% said they’d cut the cord if they could no longer afford it. And,
  • 17% would jump is there were alternative ways to watch live broadcasts.”

Customer service is also a huge issue, with the goal being to find a service that is the least infuriating to deal with.  The goal as a provider, then, is to form a system that minimizes customer distress, as an executive at Rogers Communications attests:

“The truth is: We’ve been in the business long enough to have annoyed every one of our customers at one point or another. It kind of goes with the territory.”

Full article at theConvergence.tv