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More Original Content from Netflix


Following 14 total Emmy Award nominations for its original series House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Hemlock Grove, Netflix says it plans to expand its original content repertoire.  Not only has it ordered new seasons for all of its shows, but the company said in a letter to its shareholders that it also intends to venture into stand-up comedy and full-length documentaries.

Netflix’s long-term goal is to overtake rival HBO as the go-to provider for video content.  To do that, says Joan E. Solsman, the company will have to overcome deficiencies between it and HBO:

“Unlike HBO, Netflix doesn’t own own the content it’s helping to produce, though that would be a natural path for Netflix to take in the long term. And Netflix international reach is trifling compared to HBO’s. Earlier this year, Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes said HBO has 114 million global subscribers. Netflix’s worldwide subscribers were more than 37 million, it said Monday.”

Although Netflix recently edged out HBO in US subscribers, the fact that HBO owns all of its content allows it to have an overwhelmingly superior global presence.  Having “original” content is all well and good, but Netflix will continue to be globally overshadowed by HBO until owns outright all the content it produces (the global success of Game of Thrones is proof of this).  

In the meantime, however, we can all be resigned to the fact that we will, for the foreseeable future, have to use services like MyRepublic’s Teleport if we want to watch shows like House of Cards (which is fantastic, by the way).  

Referenced from TechCrunch and CNet

Apple TV Adds HBOGO and WatchESPN

hero_appletv_2ndgenApple has given potential cord-cutters two more reasons to consider ditching their cable subscriptions. After expending much effort, Apple TV has finalized a partnership with TV and movie giant HBO, and also with sports network ESPN, as both of the their online streaming platforms (HBO GO and WatchESPN) will now be featured on the popular OTT device alongside Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon, and others. This new partnership expands Apple’s potential customer base. 

The Apple TV device uses the iOS operating system and can beam both networks to Apple TV via AirPlay.

Apple TV also joined forces with Britain’s Sky News and Crunchyroll, which streams East Asian media.  Explicitly appealing to an international audience will only further entrench Apple TV’s position as the market’s top-selling media streaming device. Apple TV sold more units in the first quarter of 2012 that it’s fiercest competitor, Roku’s all-time total sales of 5m+ devices.

Apple TV’s recent developments highlight the continued growth of OTT, as customers are increasingly provided with more content and options.

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