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Live Streaming for TV Networks


The recent rise in cord-cutting and getting over-the-air broadcasts has brought to the attention of most the need for regular TV broadcasters to come up with a way to keep up with the trend.  They need to provide people with a viewing outlet that can rival the convenience of VOD platforms while also giving them the content that they’re used to.

Some providers have tried to directly combat VOD with TV Everywhere, but their efforts thus far have proven weak at best, and it has been available only to the networks’ paying subscribers.

Mike Salmi thinks that the industry should go straight to online broadcasting:

“Rather than fighting cord-cutting and unbundling and making a weak effort with TV Everywhere, the top brass should be looking at putting their full broadcast TV channels online – with no restrictions…the broadcast channels are missing a unique chance to use their live channels on the internet to take their business to the next level.”

Perhaps free, live online streaming would be the best way to propel TV networks into the internet TV viewing market.  It would provide a more direct interface for viewers to interact with each other via social media (how convenient would it be if the evening news broadcast had a Facebook or Twitter link attached to it?).  Online viewing would also provide networks with live data about viewership, allowing them to react with their broadcasts in real time instead of waiting until the next day.

Finally, live online streaming would give TV networks an immensely larger viewing audience, and would allow them to cultivate more options for distributing all of their content – not just the primetime stuff.  They would have more control over their advertising, and could possibly provide premium subscriptions to get rid of ads all together.  The business options that this model would give networks are seemingly endless – let’s see if they take advantage of the opportunity.

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