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Dropbox Further Entrenches the Cloud’s Takeover

On the same day (9th July) that Dropbox announced that it had grown to 175 million users, the cloud-based service also announced its new “Datastore API,” bringing to fruition the do-all capabilities of cloud technology.  


Although Dropbox has allowed its users to easily store their personal files and folders on its cloud to be accessed anywhere, that was all they could store.  With their new API, users will now be able to store data such as contacts, and even be able to store game progress, from any device with web access.  Dropbox also announced a new feature for its recently-purchased Mailbox servicethat will allow users to send e-mail attachments from their cloud directly within the Mailbox app.

Another feature of the API is the ability for developers to embed it in Android and iOS apps, or anything that runs on Javascript, using only a few simple (for them, at least) lines of code.  This would make it possible for somebody to, for example, start playing a game on their mobile phone on the commute home and finish playing on their tablet when they sat down on their couch.

John Koetsier describes the culmination of all Dropbox has done for its customers and, in truth, technology as a whole:

“The goal is to unify your data on a single platform — a data platform — not a hardware or software platform. In other words, a platform beyond iOS or Android, or Windows versus Mac, or even type of device. A pure cloud platform.”

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