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Vimily Launches Business Video App

coverBrand exposure is always a challenge for a startup venture trying to push its product or service into the market.  Especially in the early stages of the company, resources are hard to come by, and funding always seems to be in short supply.  Between looking for investors and finding cheap avenues for brand promotion, all while trying to improve the product itself, startup operators might easily become flustered.

Australian startup Vimily has just launched their app that (somewhat ironically) targets startups by providing a cheap and effective way to shoot video for promotional purposes.  The app allows businesses to conduct on-the-spot interviews with potential customers, or just shoot promotional videos, and post the video content on a platform hosted by Amazon Web Services.  The videos can also be integrated directly with social media websites via links embedded in the videos themselves. Vimily also allows businesses to keep track of the people interviewed and send them a link to the video so they can share it with their friends.

Krisana Gallezo adds that Vimily plans to expand the apps capabilities once the funding is there:

“…the company has a lot of exciting product developments in the pipeline to build out both the market research functions of the platform, and the branding opportunities available in the videos. For example, the company aims to open our API to support customised app developments using Vimily’s technology. They are also looking at how they can incorporate pre-roll video advertisement in each video to enhance brand recognition with audiences.”

Although Vimily is only in the pre-seed stage of funding (SG$270,000 thus far), it plans to soon expand its business to Asia and has Singapore clear in its sights, according to founders Matthew Barnett and Katrin Suess:

“The Asian market, in particular Singapore, is of great interest to us due to the market’s early adoption and high levels of engagement with user generated video content. I would say in many ways Singapore is ahead of the curve here, so…this market really excites us.”

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