TiVo’s Roamio Opera SDK Partnership

tv-store-largeTiVo’s new Roamio platform launched last week and will allow developers to build and provide HTML5 web apps to TiVo device owners via a developer SDK.The new TiVo DVR hardware devices also improve considerably on the amount of content that can be recorded, and there’s a new feature allowing the streaming of both live and recorded content.

Roamio devices already offer access to pre-installed apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and Spotify. The introduction of the Opera TV store, which TiVo is aiming to deploy early next year, will bring a whole catalogue of new HTML5-based apps to the service, broadening the type of app-based content users have access to exponentially.

Opera’s TV Store is already available on millions of shipping devices, and the Opera Devices SDK made its way onto over 25 million connected TVs in 2012 alone. That means that TiVo customers will be getting access to a platform that’s already mature when the Opera Store goes live on its devices; there won’t be any waiting while a new store is set up and curate the way there would be if TiVo had started from scratch.

TiVo says the new partnership will also enable it to provide pre-loaded software to its set-top DVRs, as Opera has become a key partner for businesses switching over to HTML5 in order to attract market share to connected home entertainment platforms.

Read more about TiVo’s Roamio Opera SDK Partnership at Techcrunch.


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