World Television Day November 21

un-wtdThe United Nations has declared November 21st as World Television Day. As listed in the National Awareness Days website:

It all began in 1996 when the United Nations held the first ever World Television Forum.   Leading figures in the media met to discuss how television could be significant in informing and broadcasting major changes in the world as they happen.

So aside from telling us what’s happening, what else does the TV do that’s so remarkable?   Well first of all unless we were to travel all around the world – which isn’t practical for most of us! – it would be difficult for us learn quickly about different cultures and places without the help of TV.

It can show us similarities between ourselves and other people half way around the globe – and be a great uniting force for good.   We can hear inspiring stories from someone in a way that a person living 100 years ago never could!

Right Brain Interface welcomes National TV Day and will be celebrating it, please join us. Also, thanks to CASBAA for a nice video in honor of this day.


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